Online Yoga & Mindfulness

Together with certified yoga instructor Sara Savery I offer weekly online classes in yoga and mindfulness.

Our classes consist of 55 minutes yoga and 15 minutes mindfulness for all people of all ages and all levels. Our classes strive to stimulate you in an inclusive way, easy to understand and practice. Sara offers many alternatives for each position so that both complete beginners and experienced yogis can participate, and Rebecca guides you through mindful, meditative reflections on various subjects.

Our YogaMind classes are flexible but committed, online yet connected. We practice yoga and mindfulness at a fixed time with our cameras on – but you decide what the camera focuses on.

Wednesdays at 18:50 -20:00 CET (6:50pm-8:00pm) in Danish

Wednesdays at 20:15-21:25 CET (8:15pm-9:25) in English

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